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Fonte Torre, azienda agricola in Foligno (Umbria), Ramoscello di ulivo con olive verdi

Fonte Torre was born in 2016 in Foligno, from the idea of ​​some young people to bring back into production ancient olive groves that had fallen into abandonment, located in foothills and mountain areas that are difficult to cultivate.

Uliveti Tenaci, Fonte Torre presso Foligno

Tenacious olive groves

Ancient olive groves, over a hundred years old, which rise on steep stony hills between 300 and 500 m above sea level

Tenacious olive groves , which thanks to their geographical position and genetic variety, allow to obtain a high quality extra virgin olive oil without the need to use pesticides or other chemical products.

Sostenibilità Fonte Torre, scala su ulivo

Commitment to sustainability

In carrying out our business we act with a view to sustainability , for this we implement various practices such as the returnable service of the jars and the sale from producer to consumer.

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