Empty returnable

The returnable container is a practice that reduces the environmental impact of consumption.

It consists in returning a container to the supplier, once emptied, so that it can be reused after sterilization, having made a monetary deposit.

Orci in ceramica Fonte Torre, Uliveti Tenaci, Vuoto a Rendere olio extravergine di oliva

Empty returnable jars

Fonte Torre offers the returnable service of its ceramic jars for customers in Italy.

A circular economy model that provides for the reuse of bottles, after sterilization, in a potentially infinite cycle of reuse .

How does the return of Fonte Torre work?

Returnable empty operation

When making a new purchase, select the "empty collection" option.

Upon arrival of the order you will have to deliver the empty jars of previous purchases to the delivery man in their original packaging or in any case in packaging suitable for transport by courier.

You will then receive a €3 discount voucher for each jar returned , to be used for a subsequent purchase.

Returnable blank instructions

If you have empty Fonte Torre ceramic jars, follow these simple instructions to request collection of the empty ones upon delivery of your next order, it's simple:

  1. select the "empty collection" option when making a new purchase on the site;
  2. put the empty jars back in their original packaging and seal it with adhesive tape or with the closing labels provided by Fonte Torre;
  3. upon delivery of the new order, the delivery man will collect the package you have prepared with the empty jars;
  4. you will receive a discount voucher of €3 for each jar returned, for example, the voucher will be issued for six jars returned discount will be equal to €18!

I don't have the original packaging

If you don't have the original packaging, you can still request empty collection, but make sure you prepare a package suitable for shipping by courier. For example, you can put filler material like bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, or newspaper to keep the bottles from touching. Only intact bottles will be counted for the discount voucher.

NB: it is not necessary to attach any label to the return package.

At what time does the withdrawal of the empties take place?

The empties are collected by the deliveryman of our express courier (GLS), upon delivery of the new order. You will receive a tracking code to track your order.