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Olio Fonte Torre

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Superior category extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. Oil obtained in Italy from Italian olives.





STORAGE RULES: The oil should be stored away from heat sources and protected from light. Any deposit on the bottom will be given by natural clarification.

PACKAGING TYPE: 0.75 liter ceramic bottle with measuring cap.

EXTRACTION SYSTEM: The milling takes place between 12 and 24 hours from the arrival of the olives at the mill; the extraction is carried out by a continuous cycle plant exclusively with technologically advanced mechanical means, which allows us to constantly keep the temperature and processing times under control.

COLOUR: Green-gold (the color is not an indicator of the quality of the oil, it can vary according to storage conditions and over time).

TASTE: Decisive but balanced, with bitter, spicy and fruity notes. Harmonious on every paired dish.

RECOMMENDED USE: A few drops raw on meat, legumes, cooked and raw vegetables enhance the flavour. It can be used for the preparation of tasty fries instead of seed oil, giving it a more decisive flavour. Enjoy its full flavor on toasted bread.

SHIPPING: GLS Express National, delivery in 2 -3 working days from the notification of shipment. Impact resistant certified packaging.

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